Wednesday, August 7th-8th, for CP!


ESSENTIAL QUESTION: Why is it important to establish text context and background of a novel? TASK: Establish text context, introduce new vocabulary and language


Login and open a Word document.  You will begin working with Clock Buddy 6.

§Research demographics and culture within South Africa and share with class.

§ Form Literature Circles among the students and explain individual roles and responsibilities.

– Individual roles within the Lit Circles are: 

Discussion Director, Illuminator, Connector, Word Watcher, and Summarizer- Researcher: Each group member is responsible for research as assigned

§ Discussion on note-taking methods (Outline, Cornell, Mapping)

§ Discussion on how to properly annotate the text as they read.


§ Show examples of annotated text. Tell students to model these examples in their notes for Cry, The Beloved Country

§ Discuss common themes and motifs within the novel to build anticipation and aid comprehension

§ Read short chapters 1-3 aloud as a class stopping periodically to allow time for questions, notes, or annotations

§ Direct students to pay attention to the imagery used to describe the land in Chapter 1. Identify the sensory language and annotate in your notes

§ Exit Ticket: Each Lit Circle must determine rules and standard practices for their group.


Each Lit Circle will be assigned one of the following research topics about South Africa: the ethnic make-up of the population (African, Colored, Indian, and White), the tribal culture, the educational system, or the languages. Find images and 5 basic facts related to the assigned topic. Students should be prepared to present their findings in class.


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