Tuesday, October 30th, for CP!


ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How can I use note-taking to analyze details form a text to make inferences based on evidence I’ve collected?

TASK:   Identify examples of foreshadowing and predict the outcome; connect the details in the text to the historical context

  • You should have completed the reading of Ch. 2
  • Look at the images of train deportations to connect the story to the historical context, to aid comprehension, and to stimulate discussion

○     http://collections.yadvashem.org/photosarchive/enus/98492.html

○     http://collections.yadvashem.org/photosarchive/enus/67410.html

○     http://collections.yadvashem.org/photosarchive/en-us/11295.html

○     http://collections.yadvashem.org/photosarchive/en-us/29703.html

  • Compare the woman on the train to Moche. Was she psychic, prophetic, or just a lunatic? Other than their literal meaning, what could these flames symbolize?
  • Compare the woman on the train to Cassandra http://www.maicar.com/GML/Cassandra.html
  • Discuss (Think-Pair-Share): Do you believe the woman on the train was a real person or was she a character created by Wiesel to develop the narrative? Can non-fiction texts have fictional elements?
  • Students should write their own analysis of the above information.  Though they can work together in discussion, each student should have their own written work.

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