Monday, October 29th, for CP!


ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How can taking notes and annotating a text aid my comprehension?

TASK:  Take notes to reveal how the author’s use of details builds to a major point or theme; review literary and rhetorical techniques and identify them as they arise in the textInstruction:

  • Students need to pay attention to jumps in time in the narrative (flashbacks, insertions of the narrator’s adult understandings into his childhood, etc.).
  • Use Ch. 1 and 2 and pay attention to features of the narrative, style, and diction that will become more important later on (ex: analyze the author’s purpose when using figurative language; pay attention to passages where the language shifts from literal to figurative and vice versa).
  • Students need to pay special attention to the role of Moishe the Beadle (Why is Moishe an outsider in his own community? How does his experience transform him? Why is it significant that his warnings are ignored?) and discuss the archetype of the outsider
  • Students need to write at least a one page response to the information above.  Typed, double-spaced.

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