Monday, October 22nd, for CP!


ESSENTIAL QUESTION:  What can literature teach us about humanity and our responsibilities to ourselves, our culture, our society, and our world?

TASK:   Establish text context, introduce new vocabulary, examine the publication and translation history, research a related topic

  • Students will begin a new notebook section devoted to the study of Night.
  • Showed students the book cover (the Bantam Books version with a lone figure surrounded by barbed wire) and predict the subject, tone, purpose, etc. of the text.  Write a paragraph about the impact the cover could have on the reader before reading the text.
  • Introduce new vocabulary relevant to Night by first examining its context (example: introduce the word within the sentence from Night),    hypothesizing a definition, and then recording the actual definition; stress the part of speech and give students versions of the word in different parts  of speech (Ex. analyze, analysis, analytical; advocate, advocacy) and require students to write multiple example sentences using variations of the word.
  • Use an online dictionary in class to model the correct pronunciation of new and difficult vocabulary or words borrowed from other languages.
    • Require students to keep a vocabulary log in their notebook to record both vocabulary discussed in class and to define unfamiliar vocabularydiscovered while reading.
    • Anti-semetic
    • deportee
    • Decree
    • Dishearten
    • Expulsion
    • Exterminate
    • Farce
    • Ghetto
    • Indiscriminately
    • Infernal
    • Melancholy
    • Morale
    • Optimism
    • Pillage
    • Prolong
    • Rabbi
    • Scarcely
    • Synagogue
    • Truncheons
    • Weariness


Read chapter 2 and 3 from Night.  Be prepared for a quiz on Holocaust quiz and chapter 1.


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