Tuesday and Wednesday, October 2nd-3rd, for CP!



Chapter 9

Once reading is complete, discuss the allure of Johannesburg and why people left their villages and tribes for life in the “big city”

§ In this chapter, Paton deviates from the storyline and paints a vivid picture of Johannesburg through the voices of quite a few characters (a white couple, Mr. Dubula, and Mrs. Seme). Discuss the author’s choice in including this chapter in the novel. What purpose does it serve?


Take notes on what Kumalo discovers from the Hlatshwayos, the reformatory worker, and the young woman. What does this foreshadow?

§ The phrase “Cry, the beloved country” appears for the first time in Chapter 11. Listen to this passage twice. Analyze its meaning.

§ Think-Pair-Share: Think about the title of the novel again. Have students refer back to their predictions (Task 1) of what the title of the story meant. Was their prediction accurate?

§ After the reading, go back through chapters 10-11 and find 5 sentences with a semi-colon. Tell students that they will be required to demonstrate this skill in their writing assessment.

§ Connect the following sentences with just a semi-colon or a semi-colon and conjunctive adverb (note: you may omit or add words):

o “Do not give up hope, umfundisi. I will not give up the search.”

o “Kumalo stood in the dust like one who has been struck. Then without speaking any more he took his seat in the car.”

o “Pimville is a village of half-tanks used as houses. For there have never been houses enough for all the people who came to Johannesburg.”

o “The white man spoke about his own country. Yet even this pleasure was not be entire.”


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