Tuesday and Wednesday, September 25-26th, for CP!

ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How does the plot relate to the ideology and issues of the novel’s setting?

TASK: Read independently, introduce writing assessment prompt, analyze opposing points of view from text

What or who does each character blame for the decay of tribal culture? Why does Stephen prefer Ndotsheni? Why does John prefer Johannesburg? Identify pros and cons of tribal life versus city life. Which life would you prefer –a life in a small town rooted in traditional and cultural values or a life in the big city where each person determines his/her own values? Their paper must be support their claim with evidence from the text and direct quotes from both Stephen and John.

§ Using Opinion-Proof chart, list quotes and evidence that support both sides of the argument. These quotes will be integrated in the writing assessment paper.Make sure you accurately cite evidence within a text

§ Read Chapter 9 independently in class. The first sentence of the chapter reads, “All roads lead to Johannesburg.” Look for evidence in the chapter that supports this statement. Take detailed notes on the housing conditions in Johannesburg and how Shanty towns were developed and populated. Analyze


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