Thursday-Tuesday, September 6th-11th, for CP!


Finish research on conflict from Wednesday. Be sure to provide examples of each.

We will view Chapters 6-8 from the film version of Cry, The Beloved Country. Students need to pay close attention to written text and dialogue during the viewing and to check for deviations from the original text

§ Take notes on the following:

– The confrontation between Stephen and his sister, Gertrude

– The dialogue and confrontation between brothers, Stephen and John Kumalo. Pay close attention to John’s opinions on life in a tribal society vs. life in Johannesburg.

– Identify and analyze the familial conflicts in these scenes from the film and find evidence in the text to support your claims

– Predict what will happen to these characters. Will Stephen find his son, Absalom? Will the siblings reconcile?

– Describe Gertrude, John Kumalo, and Rev. Msimangu using your character log

§ Note the differences between the film and text. We will discuss these differences.

§ Note the sound of the language in the film. How do the words sound in comparison to what you initially thought?

§ Identify a motif or recurring symbol from the first several chapters. Consider how this reoccurrence is a segue to the theme.




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