Monday-Tuesday, August 20-21st, for CP!

ESSENTIAL QUESTION: Why is it important to establish text context and background of a novel?

TASK: Establish text context, introduce new vocabulary and language


Discuss common themes and motifs within the novel to build anticipation and aid comprehension

§ Read short chapters 1-3 aloud as a class stopping periodically to allow time for questions, notes, or annotations

§ Direct students to pay attention to the imagery used to describe the land in Chapter 1. Identify the sensory language and annotate in your notes

Each Lit Circle must determine rules and standard practices for their group. Go to link from previous class to find available jobs. 

Each Lit Circle was assigned one of the following research topics about South Africa: the ethnic make-up of the population (African, Colored, Indian, and White), the tribal culture, the educational system, or the languages. Find images and 5 basic facts related to the assigned topic. Students should be prepared to present their findings in class.


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