Monday, August 13th-14th, for CP!


Get with your clock buddy.  Look up and define theme, motif, imagery and symbol. Create a chart to track all of these.  Example below  With your partner, come up with at least 5 of each from literature you’ve read and studied in the past. 

Research as much information as you can on Apartheid.  Be sure to research Nelson Mandella.

Share with the class during discussion.



1 Discuss: Ask the students to work in small groups and discuss their responses to the following questions:

(a) One of the themes of Cry, the Beloved Country is how economic and social problems can affect families.What are the possible negative results of these problems? Which ones do you think the book will focus on?

(b) One of the main problems faced by the main character’s community is drought. What other environmental problems affect farming communities today?

What improvements have been made to help deal with these problems over the last fifty years? What else can be done to help?


2 Guess: Ask students to look at the picture on the cover of the book. How does it make you feel? What do you think is being said? Does the title of the story give you any more ideas about what might happen in the book?



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